Problem with EVGA 670 FTW

I am looking for some help, recently put together a new build

Asus z77
8mb corsair 1600
i5 3570k
Running Video and Sound through HDMI

Everything was running fine yesterday. For instance with SC2 I was pulling 150 fps on ultra

Now today I keep getting this weird static feedback from the sound running through the HDMI and the framerate is down between 30-40 FPS

Ran 3D Mark and my Score was P6759

Any ideas on the issue or how to troubleshoot?
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  1. Interesting... Are you running sound through your monitor? I have the same card but I've only run sound via hdmi into a receiver once and it worked and sounded fantastic.

    Also, what driver version are you running? PSU stats? and can you give us temps of the card using gpu-z or something?
  2. Yea, until this weekend I am using my TV as a monitor. When my sis in law moves out of my basement this weekend I will be going back to using my receiver lol.

    PSU Corsair 750HX

    GPU Temp is about 67c unde load

    It worked/sounded fantastic until today. Not sure what happened

    everything is just totally distorted now. Had the same issue with SC2 AND when I ran 3dMark
  3. I don't really have any suggestions yet and I'm off on holiday tomorrow...

    It really could be anything. It could have been an MS update, so I recommend re-installing the latest nVidia drivers. You should also try a different PCI-E slot if you have a spare one. Lastly, is there any way you can test using some normal speakers that plug into your motherboard? Then switch back to your 670 for sound.

    I hope it gets sorted out! :)
  4. Hi,

    Did you ever solve this? I am having a similar issue. I have an Nvidia GTX 660 and run video and audio through HDMI. After playing a little on a game, the sound starts stuttering and gets white noise, the frame rate drops tremendously. Then the sound goes away and the frame rate returns.
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