PCI-e graphic card not working

Greetings, So i've searched the internet about this issue, only to find out that this condition is kinda rare.

Yesterday, i tried starting my computer and it did not return any signal to the monitor. I discovered that the GPU (NVIDIA 8600GT) is not working. The fan is not spinning so at that moment I decided to buy a new video card; PowerColor 5670. I installed the gpu and still, the fan did not work. I tried replacing the PSU with a spare (not new). Still did not work. I tried updating the BIOS (Mobo : p5n-em hdmi) and.. no luck :( My computer still works when i try to plug it on the on-board video.

I'm about to have my computer checked. I searched different threads from different forums and I'm on my wits end T_T

Could you guys help me rule out what is wrong?

Is it the motherboard? (PCI-e slot) PSU? driver? or do i need to reformat my pc?
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  1. If you installed a new graphics card and the cooling fan on THAT card doesn't work, it is almost certainly the PCI-Ex16 slot on your motherboard not delivering enough (or any) power.

    -Wolf sends
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