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Okay, so I just took my I5 2400 stock cooler off to put some Artic Silver thermal paste on, and by doing so I completely took the motherboard out, so I could make sure the stock cooler was gonna be seated back in properly. I hook everything back up and everything seems to work fine. But one problem... when i shut my computer down, it turns back on after a few seconds... What can cause this? The only wire i hooked into the motherboard is the POWER_SW wire, for now thats all Ireally need because all I need to do is have the computer on.. but does me not having any of the other wires plugged in cause this? I just dont get why it keeps turning on, I have to unplug the power cord to keep the computer off.
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  1. have you tried turning it off AND unplugging the POWER_SW wire?
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