All of a sudden lag occuring whenever I try to play games

I am not a big time PC gamer but i enjoy playing occasionally, as of late I've been playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Saints Row 3 and for months I've played Saints Row on medium settings perfectly, and Need For Speed on high settings flawlessly. Well all of a sudden a few days ago I'm experiencing major lag and drops in fps all the way to 2-5fps randomly even on the lowest possible settings. I have also noticed my startup time takes alot longer all of a sudden as well. I updated all of my drivers and have been trying to figure this out and I just can't seem to be able too so I'm hoping someone here can help me, anything would be appreciated. Thanks!

My laptop is an HP Envy-14 beats edition

Intel i5 M 480 cpu @ 2.67ghz...2.93ghz turbo boost

6GB Ram

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1GB
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  1. bummer
    seems strange... maybe you have a virus or maybe a driver issue.
    try going back to an older driver
  2. I know it really sucks...ive ran virus scans multiple times and it comes back good everytime...I will try to go back to an older driver i guess...if anyone knows anything else that could be wrong it would be a big help.
  3. well i went back to the original driver my computer came with and im still having this problem so i guess that wasn't it
  4. hmmmm
    update your driver back to the newest one.
    is it only with those games?
    try different games
    if the problem doesnt happen on other games, then it's the games themselves(sr3 and nfs)

    if the problem continues download a different antivirus and scan your pc.
    maybe you will need to format your hard drive.(hopefully not)

    also your laptop uses interchangeable graphics maybe tweak your settings in your bios and just let it use your hd 5650 and not your intel hd graphics
  5. tried playing skyrim as well, which i also used to run flawlessly on mediumish settings and its the same thing so i dont think its the games..

    what free antivirus would you reccomend? I have AVG and I've also done the microsoft security essentials scan thing..

    Actually tried to go into the bios and check out the settings and all that but apparently I literally can't change any settings except for startup options...unless im doing something wrong (never really tried anything in the bios before)
  6. try malawarebytes antimalaware scan your pc
    or use avast or avira.
    do you have warranty on your laptop maybe you could call HP for help.
    they will probably end up making you format your hard drive or something....not a good i dea but worth a shot...(make sure you back up your files)

    maybe you could change your settings in your control panel
  7. backed up everything in fear yesterday lol

    Dont even get me started on HP and my warranty, they really screwed me big time and I'm in the process of fighting them to get it fixed. Horrendous customer service from them thus far, already screwed me out of $200.
  8. did it work???
  9. sorry it took me long to respond, i was away for the weekend.

    So I updated literally everything I possibly could on my computer, I took it apart and cleaned dust out of the fans, I updated the bios, and ran multiple virus scans, I defragged my hard drive, ran ccleaner and probably even more I can't remember lol and nothing has changed still having the same problem trying to play any game and my startup time is still way longer than its ever been. this has me stumped.
  10. hmmm
    sorry i really dont know what else you can do
  11. its cool, thanks for trying to help...something even weirder I noticed, the lower i make the graphic settings on games , the worse the lag gets???
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