I need some consumer advice when it comes to cpus

Hi I have been reading some reviews online when it comes to cpus, and they haven't really answered my question. My question is for about 100 to 150 dollars, what cpu will give me a clock speed of over 3 ghz, but will do that efficiently, with low temp, and has a good architecture, and is also reliable. I have looked at the amd fx series, but everyone says the bulldozer construction is lacking, the ivy bridge seems to be to expensive, im not sure about the sandy bridge processors, and im to enthusiastic about an amd apu. I don't know what to do, any help will be amazing. Btw it is for a beginning gaming build.
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  1. I3 3220 would meet those requirements. AMD has some energy efficient CPU's but all last generation.
  2. Core i3

    - Efficient CPU architecture - Capable of executing more instructions per clock cycle than all AMD CPUs. Therefore at same clockspeeds Intel CPUs provides the best performance.
    - Low power consumption, especially when the CPU is under load (i.e. doing something) compared to what AMD has to offer.
    - Cannot be overclocked, but clockspeed is either 3.3GHz (i3-3220) or 3.4GHz (i3-3240) depending on which model you buy.
    - Only dual core. But that is also the reason why it is power efficient.
    - Weaker integrated graphics compared to AMD's Trinity APUs. The i3-3225 has the Intel HD 4000 graphic core, but it is also the most expensive, the others have the Intel HD 2500 graphic core. Roughly speaking the Intel HD 4000 is almost as powerful as a Radeon HD 5550.

    FX Series

    - The architecture is less efficient than Intel's Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge. CPU must run at higher frequencies to catch up. Higher frequencies (clockspeed) means higher power consumption.
    - These are power hogs. Make no mistake.
    - The FX series is overclockable.
    - The 8 core FX-8120 is within your budget. While using programs only capable of using 1 or 2 cores, the Core i3 will win. When more than 2 cores are used it the FX-8120 strengths comes into play. However, how many programs do you use that can make use of 8 cores?
    - The 6 core FX-6300 is an option. Fewer cores than the FX-8120, but it's clockspeed is higher; 4.1GHz vs 3.1GHz. However, how many programs do you use that can make use of 6 cores?
    - The 4 core FX-4300 is probably the best balance performance and power consumption in the FX line. 4 cores can come in handy from time to time. Fewer cores means lower power consumption, but still greater than the Core i3 regardless if the PC is idling or has a load (doing work).
    - No integrated graphics core.

    Trinity APU Series

    - The architecture is less efficient than both FX series and Intel's Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge.
    - Lowest power consumption of all three series. However, that is only by about 8w to 10w. And that's only when idling. Once any of these CPUs start doing work, the Core i3 (and the i5 & i7 as well) consumes less power.
    - The A10-5800k is overclockable and generally provides the best performance in this series. Naturally it is the most power hungry APU, but consumes less than the FX series.
    - The A10-5700 is less overclockable, but it is more efficient than the A10-5800k.
    - There are only quad core APUs available for the desktop in the $100 - $150. Dual core Trinity APUs exists below $100.
    - The integrated Radeon HD 7660D is currently the most powerful iGPU available. However, it is only a little faster than a Radeon HD 5570.

    I've seen several post claiming that the Radeon HD 7660D is about equal to a Radeon HD 6670 or nVidia GT 640. That is false. I posted benchmark results in a thread yesterday proving that the integrated Radeon HD 7660D is nowhere near as powerful as the Radeon HD 6670 in a different thread.
  3. Well, i don't have any thing to say as jaguarskx said almost every thing.

    If u want 3ghz+ clock speed then go to fx-4 as my friend runs it @4.5 Ghz with stock cooler, however intel i3 clocked @3.2 ghz but it isn't over-clockable as jaguarskx said.

    u would be really stupid if u didn't give him the best answer.
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