Catalyst 12.3 upgrade

I have been trying to upgrade to 12.4 but I keep ending up after install with 12.3. Discovered I need to uninstall first through control panel on my Win & HP w AMD 7750. Problem is my screen goes checkerboard after driver uninstall and I cannot see to complete process. I know I am missing something simple here but im lost.
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  1. Try to uninstall from save mode (from device manager). Then boot up normally, there it should be booting fine (The resolution changes though). Then from there, download Catalyst 12.4/12.6 Beta.
  2. Did the job...but by he time I tried again it was 12.6. Not sure if it was your fix or the new version. (Let's say t was you:))In any event now running 12.6 and it seems stable. Thank you for your helpful response.
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