Budget Gaming rig component compatibility?

Hi All,

Am looking at building a budget rig for the sole purpose of playing DayZ as it stands currently. Have seen a few useful videos and spent a whack of time researching and would like to know where i stand with what i have currently got listed up. please see the below as i have 2 key questions.

total rig build price = £364.75

Radeon hd 7770 - £90.92 - Scan
i3 3220 - £89.00 - Amazon
MSI H61M-P31 (G3) Motherboard- £31.93 - Scan
G.Skill 8GBXL DDR3 2x4GB PC1600 - £31.96 - Amazon
Antec NSK 6582B Black Mid Tower with 430W PSU 80+ Bronze - £67.18 - Scan
Seagate barracua 7200rpm 500gb - £40.78
LiteOn ihas124 DVD RW - £12.98 - Scan

Q1. will a 430w PSU be enough to power this rig?

the second topic to bring up is i have read very mixed reviews of that mobo, and it does not support 1600mhz ram which is what i currently have in build, so my question is should i look at the MSI B75MA-E33 when i can get that for only £10 more?

it is described as a micro atx board which concerned me that i would not be able to fit all the other parts on to it?

aditionally if anyone else had a mobo reccomendation around this price that were better suited and a bit more reliable i would be happy to hear about it

thanks for any help!
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  1. other option is i can get this PSU & Case for £53

    Antec Atlas 550/Server Case with Truepower 2.0 550W ATX12V v2.01 and EPS12V compatible PSU

    but from what i can tell this is ancient 2006 gear... so i would pressume shouldnt touch with a barge pole
  2. sorry bumping this up for help please :)
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