Bought new PSU and gaming FPS dropped?

Hello all new user here!

Just a quick question I just upgraded my PSU from a Dynex 520W to a Thermaltake 600W store bought from BestBuy. I will include my system details below but I installed this new PSU as I ordered a new GPU and it's in the mail but today when I installed the new PSU I actually noticed a DROP in FPS in one of the games I was playing (Napoleon Total War). Now before it was running smooth as silk and when I added the new PSU I changed no settings and the FPS took a drop and there is noticable lag in battles and throughout the game. Any ideas?

System Specs:
CPU: AMD Phenom IIx4 965 (Deneb) @ 3.4
GPU: Nvidia GTX 550 Ti
PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600W
MOBO: CG1330 ASUS (Stock)
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  1. Swap the old one back it is just as good as TT. Most likely you bumped something loose maybe the GPU.
  2. I was actually thinking about doing this do you think a 520w psu will suffice for a new gtx 660ti card? The only other thing i have drawing power is a chassis fan?
  3. I fear you are dealing with poor quality power supplies.
    Dynex is a tier 5 unit(not recommended, replace asap) on this list.
    The thermaltake may be no better, depending on the model and sample.

    If a psu can not deliver the necessary power, the graphics card will not run full out

    Your GTX550ti needs only a 400w psu.
    A gtx660ti needs only a bit more at 450W.
    Here is a handy chart:

    Since the dynex was working OK, you might as well keep it.
    In the future, look for a tier 1 or 2 card.
    A psu is not a good place to economize.
  4. The card calls for 450watts for the system
  5. Thank you all very much i saw that the 660ti called for only 450 but wanted to be on the safe side as i have upgraded the cpu already once and the chassis fan has been added
  6. Just swapped the Dynex 520 back in and so far I think my problem has been solved. Using the same settings on Napoleon the battles run about as smooth as they did before. I understand that I shouldn't skimp when it comes to buying PSUs but Dynex isn't exactly top of the line either and it's pretty sad that a brand new Thermaltake 600 performs like this. Thanks again guys.
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