Certain games will not run on latest drivers

Does anyone know why the latest drivers from Intel for the Intel GMA 950 video card doesn't let me play games like The Sims 2? If I use an year older driver then it plays the game meaning it will let me run it. Basicly the newer drivers for somereason say that it is not good enough to play the game but according to The Sims 2 game it should run it since it even runs on a Intel 82845 video card which is a older model. My netbook basicly is a 82945 which is better of cource since it's newer. What's also interesting is that Doom 3 runs on the lastest drivers but not The Sims 2. Also the older driver will even let me run The Sims 3.
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  1. That is a mystery because I have to stay on my old drivers too. I upgrad to each and every new driver that comes out and every time I do the same old thing. My system goes on the wild side.

    It just doesn't like the new drivers. So after I upgrade then have too use a driver sweeper and reinstall my old drivers and everything works great. I am sure there is some big explanation for why.

    But can't figure it out. Well good luck to you and sorry wasn't any help.
  2. Well if anyone can find out about this I would truely apprecaite it since if there was a way to make the latest drivers to work that would be the best since there are more updates on it.
  3. You could try to use a driver sweeper and remove all the old drivers files that are left behind by the uninstall program. Then after you use it then reinstall the new drivers.

    When installing the new drivers do the custom install and then choose clean install that should make is work. Here are three driver sweepers to choose from. Good luck to you.



  4. I noticed that Intel drivers don't have a custom install since it doesn't give an option to custom install they are set to default so you can't customize what you want to install.
  5. So even if you can't do that did you reinstall your drivers and before that did you run the driver sweeper?
  6. I did use the driver sweeper and used it to remove the Intel chipset but still I get this when using the latest drivers. When trying to run The Sims 2 game.

    "Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a direct X9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate."

    Do you have any ideas to somehow bypass this? Or should I just roll back to the older driver again? Thank You
  7. That is weird. Well maybe you should stay on the older driver since it works for you. Is there a reason you need the most updated version of intell drivers? Have you gone to Intel's forum and ask them?

    I can link you to two of there sites. That message you posted is stating you don't have DX 9 and it can't find it. One of Intel's site go to the video and watch it if you haven't already. Good luck to you.


  8. Well I have used Intel's generic drivers and OEM drivers from Dell and both the latest ones don't work. If I use the older version of the driver from Dell then it runs the game. But what's strange is that GMA 950 or even 900 has DirectX 9.0 in hardware so I don't understand why the newer drivers don't run The Sims 2 or even The Sims 3.

    The reason why I was interested in downloading the latest drivers for my video card is since I thought that newer drivers will give me more features and more better performance. Nomaly newer drivers are the best since they have tweaked the drivers to make it perform better. But if I can't use it then I have to use an older driver to run the games.

    Basicly on Dell's site there are versions of downloads of drivers for each Windows and if I use the Windows 7 drivers which have the lastest OEM drivers it won't run the game and I get the same message even if I used Intel's generic drivers too. So basicly I used Windows Vista drivers for the video card and it is an older version than the Windows 7 one and the older version plays both The Sims 2 and 3 perfectly fine.

    This is for The Sims 2 expecialy but this game even runs on the Intel 82845G which doesn't have hardware DirectX 9.0 so I know forsure that the GMA 950 should be able to run the game but it doesn't for somereason when using the latest drivers from both Dell and or Intel.
  9. I can't explain it to me it is just weird stuff it has no mind or reason. I sure if you talked to a softwear or programing engineer they might be able to help but I am at the end of knowledge on this.

    Sorry was no help to you. I hope you find out some day so good luck to you. Cheers
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