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Hi i have an acer 7750g-6645 laptop. ordered 8gb of G skill ram to upgrade from 4gb the RAM is PC3-10600 ddr3 1333
i was under the impression the 1333 was 1333MHz but when i opened CPU-Z to see that it was recognized it says the max bandwith is PC3-10700 667MHz. Shouldnt it be 1333 or am i not understanding something? also it says the manf is Nanya not g skill or samsung not understanding that either i am thinking that i did not get the right product. thanks for your help
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  1. i did find something that says your suppsed to multiply the 667 by 2 to get the acual speed is that correct? if so then it is fine but still leaves the question about the lack of the manf mark on it other than the sticker i know nanya company makes chips but shouldnt it say the brand name on it like the kingston ram it came with actually says kingston on it
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