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Case fans advice needed

I am doing by first build in many years, and would like some advice on case fans. Here is my setup:

CPU - i7-3770k ( I don't plan on overclocking right now)
Memory - 2x4gb Gskill ripjaw 1600
Mobo - ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP
Video - Asus HD7850 DC2-2GD5-V2 2GB
SSD - Samsung 830 128GB
HDD - WD Caviar Blue 1 TB
Optical - Liteon DVD writer
Case - Corsair 200R
PSU - Corsair CX430w Builder series

The case comes with one fan in the front, one in the rear. There are several places for additional fans, but I worry dust will just fall into the case too easily.

What are your recommendations for additional fans or filters or whatever to prevent too much dust from entering the case. Do I set all fans to blow out from the case, or blow in? The motherboard has CPU_FAN1, CPU_FAN2, CHA_FAN1, and CHA_FAN2 connectors if I am reading the manual correctly. I imagine CPU_FAN1 is for the heatsink over the i7, and the 2 CHA_FAN are for the existing case fans, right?

Thanks for the advice,
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    Your fans will draw air in from the front and push it out the back. If things are really that dusty, there is not a lot you can do with that case. The front air is being drawn in from the sides and there are several fan holes scattered around. You could set up some strong fans on the top, pushing air in, and put an external dust cover on them. then turn the front fan around.

    OR, you could pick up a case of cans of air from your warehouse store of choice and just blow it out every few months.
  2. Thanks for the help, Proximon.

    Would it pay to install fans on the top to blow air up to keep the dust from falling in? Or place filters there, or I am worrying too much about the top and it really isn't that big of a concern? I could easily blow it out every month or so. The PC will sit on the floor under my desk.
  3. You would use the top fans to pull extra air INTO the case... doing that would ensure that the only air ENTERING was filtered air. Like this for the filter

    Only if your environment is extra dusty would I do that.
    Otherwise, blow it out every few months, using a pencil to hold the fans still, because fans can be damaged when you hit them with canned air.
  4. I have some of these waiting to go in:

    Fairly high end, long life, low noise case fans. Best ratio of air to noise in a recent review. In the past I have used Yate Loons... they are very quiet and very cheap and last not long at all. (1-2 years)
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