Problems while playing guildwars 2

hello, everyone my system is AMD athlon (tm) II x2 245 processor 2.90 GHz
6 GB ram memory
windows 7 64bit
graphic card Nvidia gtx 560 2GB
power supply 550w
well my problems when i play on the last 2 stress test of guildwars 2 my computer keep shouting down after an hour of play and when it shout down i was hearing a noise that sounded like a scratch cd and i had to turn off the computer and back on so it could stop i'm not sure what that problem is so if any one have and idea of what it could be the help will be appreciated tanks
is the only game that the problem happens i play diablo and the original guild wars and it works fine
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  1. Can you check the temps on your cpu? If it's too hot, clean the heatsink/re-apply thermal paste to cpu.
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