Help me choose. Nvidia 560 ti vs HD 7850

I am considering the following models. In a dilemma of which one to chose.

MSI GTX 560 ti Twin Frozr II 1 or 2 GB
EVGA GTX 560 ti Superclocked 1 GB

Sapphire HD 7850 2GB
MSI R7850 Power Edition 2GB
Nvidia 560 ti because....well its Nvidia. CUDA,PhysX and better video encoding. :bounce:

HD 7850 because its a newer model with a different and updated architecture. :bounce:

OR should i just wait for Nvidia 660 ti ?
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  1. I think I would go with the sapphire 7850, it will consume less power and it is a little bit cheaper plus it will run cooler and it is newer so it will last longer.
  2. Hmm. And any idea about when the 660 is coming out ?

    PS : good rhyming you have there.....less power-cheaper-cooler-newer-longer. :D
  3. the 660 will be released in a month or 2 probably. it will be most likely priced at 300$ mark for a reference card, as nvidia already shifted the price of the gtx 570 from 300 to 270.
  4. One or two months ? AArggghh. I am dying to get my hands on BF3, Witcher 2, Dues Ex, Civ V, and many more. I haven't played coz i am delaying my purchase of a video card. I finally decide to get a card and its too close for the release of 660. Crap!
  5. 560ti I recently (yesterday) replaced my 7850 (driver issues) for a 560ti, took 15 mins to get it installed and drivers and everything runs so much smoother.
  6. If you're not considering money, or if you're finding both the Ti and the 7850 for the same price, then the 7850 wins hands down. If you can find the 560 Ti for < $200 then that is the better card for the price.

    As for which of the cards you listed is better, it really comes down to who has the warranty and customer service you prefer. performance will be nearly identical on the cards.
  7. Thanks for the info guys, i came across a few users of HD 7850 who are facing driver problems. Any idea of of big this issue is ? Because i don wanna buy a card just to find its struggling due to bad drivers. I am seriously considering this. Shed some light please
  8. well the driver problems is normally to certain games, so it's hard to tell if you would have any problems. at the same time the AMD drivers are improving greatly, the 12.7 beta drivers THW reviewed with the new 7970 GHZ pulled ahead of the 680 in performance.

    so it's either get the 560 ti for straight out of the box stability, or 7850 for long term driver improvements .
  9. Driver issues tend to get worked out, and both companies have had driver problems, so I don't think that's a good reason to choose one over the other.
    OTOH, if you want PhysX, nVidia is your choice. They also have CUDA, but AMD has Stream and/or OpenCL.
    If you don't absolutely need PhysX, the HD7850 is the better idea because although it is more powerful, it uses less power and generates less heat.
    Otherwise, the GTX660 is probably not worth the wait. I would expect the GTX560Ti to handle the newest games on "enjoyable" settings for at least a few years.
  10. Thanks guys, i am going for 7850. Any suggestion on which model ?
    Sapphire or MSI

    MSI R7850 power edition OC looks great and its small too. :D
  11. Of those two, I'd go with MSI. I've used few of either, and none ever gave me any trouble. I did see a review of a particular Sapphire card where they found an iron core (rather than ferrite core) choke on one of its VRM circuits. Overall, that's an inconsequential difference, but the only one I can dredge up. I think you can buy on price in this case and not go wrong whichever one that is.
  12. +1^

    I'd choose MSI as well.
  13. i have a rig for video editing and just got the 560 ti, it sucks. would not recommend this card at all for anyone. Had a radeon 5850 and that card did much better.
  14. I just recently finished a build with an Asrock z77 board i5-3570 and an HD 7850. I couldn't be happier. Runs everything I throw at it on ultra and fps in the 60's.

    I did have one hang up with BF3 and it seems a pretty common problem. There was conflict with the Lucid Virtua MVP program and BF3. A simple update from the Lucid site and it cleared right up. I had no problems with the ATI drivers although I made sure to update before I ran anything.
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