Few questions about new video card purchase.


I made another thread a few days ago and received a lot of help but I have some unrelated questions this round.

I'm in the market for a new video card and here are my current PC specs:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition

Processor: Intel Quad CPU Q6600 @2.40 GHz 2.39 GHz

CPU Type: 2x , 2400 MHz (7 x 343)

Motherboard Name: Dell Dell XPS420

Video Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO

Monitor: Dell E228WFP [NoDB] (KU3117BN0BUL)

RAM: 3.0 GB

PSU: 375w

I'm a huge gamer and am looking to add enough punch in my PC to run Skyrim, SW:ToR, and Diable 3. My current video card is garbage and this PC is about 3 years old (possibly 4?).

Here are the video cards I'm looking at:




Now here are the problems, I am not great with computers! I know the very basics when it comes to installing and removing hardware.

I opened my case and found the following PCIe slots:

- PCIe x 1
- PCIe x 8
- PCIe2 x 16 (75w)

I'm not sure if the above video cards will fit any of these slots? Also, my current video card is not as wide as the 7770 or one of the 7750's. My case appears to have enough room to old any of those cards but I would hate to make the purchase and find out it does not fit.

Also, it speaks of having a 6 pin connector? I looked in my PC and found two cables that were not being used that looked like this:


Is that a six pin connector? The 6 slot one says (P12) and the slim one says (P5)

Also, would I need to upgrade my PSU? 375w seems a little low but that is one of the reasons I'm looking at the 7750 and 7770.

Thanks in advance, I know I am asking a lot here. I will upload pics of my case and the inside if that will help any.
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  1. Here is a photo of the case, which is a standard Dell XPS 420 case.

  2. First off, you would want to use the 16X slot. It's probably the one your current card is in. The 6 pin plug in your picture looks like the correct one for the graphics card. As far as power, you would be fine with the 7750, and probably can run run the 7770.
    The 7750 is about 8.5 inches long, and the 7770 is about 9, so you should be able to measr in your case to see what will fit.
  3. Yea, my current card is in the 16x slot.

    I believe there is enough room for either a 7750 or 7770. My main concern is not having enough PSU to push the 7770. What type of damage would occur if it didn't have enough power to push the 7770? Should I be safe and just upgrade the PSU to a 500 or so?

    I don't want to sink much into this PC as I will be saving for a new one in the future.
  4. all PCI-E mother boards support all PCI-E graphics cards(its backward compatible)
    your case support wide graphics cards
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