My mouse and keyboard are not working

I have looked at alot of answers on here but still cannot figure out how to fix my problem and would really appreciate some help. I hooked the wireless router back up to my Hp desktop this morning and everything was fine until I logged off the admin account. When my daughter tried to log on to her account the mouse was frozen so I rebooted but it did not work. I know there is someway to use the keyboard to get to the account I want to sign in to so I tried that and found out that when I get to the log in screen the keyboard is not working either so I cannot log in to check the drivers. any suggestions?
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  1. Try another usb port, faulty drivers, wrong drivers, windows don't recognize the hardware or even no battery ... Troubleshoot everything you can ... when it comes to this kind of problems, it can be anything and it's very hard to solve them. Wired things don't have those problems ... That's why i'll never buy wireless mouse and keyboard.

    - The Brownie
  2. Allways keep an old PS2 keyboard and lazer USB mouse around for such issues. Sounds to me like the router software overwrote something.
  3. groundrat said:
    Sounds to me like the router software overwrote something.

    It could but the chances that happen are ... almost inexistent. The wi-fi could be interferring with the usb receiver .... unplug the router and try with no internet. Still, the chances that happen are very slight ...
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