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My co-worker is looking to build a new computer for audio/video encoding. I'm a gamer and know what to recommend in that arena, but wondering if you folks could guide me? He has everything but the computer including OS, keyboard, monitor, etc...

His budget is about 600.00
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    how picky is he about quality of encoding? technically the only way to get a perfect encoding is to just use the cpu. it takes forever though. you can do it with hardware acceleration much faster. ie using the videocard or something. if hes not entirely picky about the quality (it really is still good) and wants it to be fast the best bet is getting an ivybridge cpu with an hd4000 gpu built in. it has a feature called quicksync. its the fastest on the market. you would need a z77 motherboard with it to take advantage of it that has lucidlogix virtu mvp.
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  3. you dont need a z77 board. you can do it with a h77 board if he doesnt plan on overclocking his rig. yes quicksync is the fastest way to encode videos
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