Can i swap these two apu's out?

Hello all, i have just picked up a hp 635 from a local pawn shop he was asking 225 for it and i haggled the guy down from that to 175, i really didn't need this as i have a good desktop for gaming that i have built, the specs on this laptop are, 8gb ddr3 ram. 500gb 7200rpm hdd and it has a pos dual core 1.3 ghz e300 processor that i cant find out how to over clock just a tad to 1.5 and increase voltage but its just not happening none of the programs i have will oc it :(, i have a Toshiba from about a year ago that the hinges broke off and one day i opened it and knocked the mobo out and its dead has a amd apu in it and its like 2.4 ghz, the main reason i purchased this is because i am 14, in school, and like to go to my friends house and am out alot, i like to take it to my buds houses and have get together and what not, i cant even run mine craft or world of Warcraft without lagging on the e300 its so low, but for 175 i figured i could upgrade the apu and for 8gb of ddr3 ram and a 500gb 7200rpm hdd it was a good deal, but i found out that you cant get a hold of apu's like that i was wondering if i could take the one out of my old toshiba and put it in this new laptop?
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  1. No you can't swap it. It's rare you can upgrade a laptop processor, but especially in this case. Those E-series AMD chips are soldered on to the motherboard, they don't have sockets and are non-removeable.
  2. Yea but 95% of the new models are not soldered to board, most use ZIF sockets
  3. AMD e-300 is a BGA chip, it's not a socket.
  4. doug2325 said:
    Yea but 95% of the new models are not soldered to board, most use ZIF sockets

    Not those, like the Intel Atom they are ultra lower power, low TDP and are soldered directly to the motherboard. You can't switch out those CPU's.
  5. Even if it was, they are a LOW end chips. The fastest one (e-450) is still slower than the worst desktop chip you could buy. The graphics are about on part with a Geforce 210.

    It's basically a $1000 desktop PC from 2005 that you can buy new today for 1/3 the price and with 10% of the power consumption.
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