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Hi just wanted too of see what people thought a system I just ordered the bits for. Had a budget of $600. bought all the bits from PLE in Perth W.A.

The processor I chose was a AMD Bulldozer FX-6100 3.3ghz six core for $144 aus

The graphic card is a INNO3D GTX560 SE 800M/4000M 1GB for $$159 aus

The motherboard GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 for $109 aus

The ram GEIL 8GB KIT DDR3 EVO VELOCE C9 1600MHz for $44 aus

The hard drive WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR GREEN 3.5" 1TB 64MB 7200 rpm for $88 aus

Plus I spent $65 on a Aero Cool Strike X case to house it in

I already have a 650 watt power supply that's less then 12 months old that's been powering a P4 and a geforce 8600 gts, I guess this is enough power. I will be dual booting windows 8 (been using the release candidate, using classic shell and just on the desktop with open source software) and Ubuntu 12.04 on this. My monitor is only a 1440 x 900 19 lcd. I want to edit home videos, convert videos into other formats and do a little bit of gaming, mostly first person shooters and strategy games like command and conquer. I'm sure this will be hell of an upgrade from my Prescott 3.4ghz/8600GTS and pentiumd 2.2ghz/HD6670.

Thanks everyone
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  1. Id go with an i3. It may be dual-core, but its definitely fast.
    Get a 6870 for your video card, it performs a bit better than the 560.
    Whats your power supply?
  2. The power supply is a thermal lake pk-650, I chose the nvidia because my last card was a 6670 and had nothing but driver hassles on linux, couln't even load a live cd, graphics where all corrupted, plus 3 weeks a go the the driver update on win 7 caused a bsod and made it hang on boot, be like 20 minutes before I got a desktop. always had nvidia before that and never had a problem. I took the 6 core because gamings only about 25% of what I do on my computer. I was planning on running virtual machines to try out new linux distros, I figured more core would help on that
  3. Seems reasonable. How much does your PSU put out on the 12V rail? Is it 80+?
  4. yeah the box had 80+ in real big bold writing
  5. Teeroy32 said:
    yeah the box had 80+ in real big bold writing

    Does it say how much amps it puts out on the 12B rail? It should be in a table somewhere in your manual or box.
  6. sorry can't find the box, but heres a link for a review
    sorry its a thermal master
  7. It should be okay. Never knew PSUs can have 3 12V rails though, lol.
    On the GPU, can you afford the Ti version of the 560? If its a big difference, then stay with the 560.
  8. the Ti is $279 on the same web site, I don't get how its over a hundred dollars more
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    Hm. It should only be around $210 :o Get the 560 then, since it wont be worth it for a hundred dollars more, as you said.
  10. just an update, overclocked to 4.0ghz, it loves Skyrim on high and takes only 30 min to convert a dvd with 5 episodes of CSI Miami to mp4, my old rig would be like 2 hours. All my first person shooters are maxed out, best $650 dollars I ever spent, plus with piledriver hitting soon, I may have to upgrade to an 8 core with a water cooler and try for 5ghz, and a ssd sounds like a hell of a good idea. Or stay with the 6 core bulldozer till steam roller comes out.
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