Is this a stable build?

Intel Core i5-2500L
XFX AMD Radeon 6770
MSI LGA1155/IntelH61
Syba USB 3.0 2-port PCI-e Card
Lite-on Black SATA Model
Corsair Vengeance 8GB

Now, this is what Im mainly concerned about, I am using a CX-430 Power Supply. Is 430 Watts enough for my build or do I need to upgrade?
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  1. All the parts are compatible and should work together fine.

    As for stability, that depends if any of the hardware is defective or improperly overclocked.

    430W will power that system, but dont expect to put in much beefier hardware until you upgrade the PSU.
  2. What are your plans for the computer?

    It would be sufficient for those components, but I would spend an extra $15-$20 and get the 7770 which is going to use less power overall and is a better card for about the same money.
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