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Hello my dad and I are going to be building a computer. Trying to figure what case to get though. We want to put some cool lighting on it. Any suggestions for a good case preferably with a handle? Also are there any good clear cases? Thanks, Spencer
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  1. whats ur price range and does it have to have a handle as virtually most cases dont come with a handle thanks,. joe :)
  2. Clear cases, or more accurately, Acrylic computer cases, are heat traps. Much better to get a good sturdy steal case with a side acrylic panel and some good lighting. Your choices are MATX (small) Mid Tower (normal sized), or Full Tower (large to HUGE).

    Companies that have the best rep for cases are, Coolermaster, Fractal, Thermaltake, Corsair, Antec, Rosewill and NZXT. There are some other very good cases from other companies but what you will get from those are industry standard.

    So choose a price range and a company and we can give you some good advice. Some other helpful information would be:
    Do you plan to have more than one GPU?
    What size mother board do you want?
    Do you plan on liquid cooling or air cooling?

    The only cases I can think of with handles off the top of my head are:
  3. I would suggest something like a CM Storm Scout 2, it has handles built into the design of the case and has a side window so you can see all of your sweet hardware. I suppose if you want a case with a handle it will be used at LAN? or just moved around a lot? If so look for a case like the Bitfenix Prodigy, an awesome designed case which has design cues from the Mac Pro, amazing how they can fit so much stuff into a tiny little chassis.(Just make sure you get a mini-ITX mB in that case though)
    Good luck with your build.
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