GTX 480 vs HD 6870 vs GTX 560/GTX 560 Ti

I made a thread about this a while ago, and I ran into the problem of having a weak PSU. This time around, I have a 750w Corsair PSU, and I have another 200 dollars for a GPU, rather 175 so I can get it delivered before I leave for college. What I'm thinking getting is in the thread name.
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  1. i still like ati hd7850.They should be as cheap as gtx560ti's and they also come in close to gtx570's and beat them sometimes.MSI 7850hawk has a great out of the box OC.
  2. Performance wise:

    GTX480 > GTX560 Ti > HD6870 >GTX560

    also there are rumors about GTX660 coming out next month. but i think the price will be out of your range
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  4. I'm getting a GTX 480 to replace my GTX 560. The GTX 480 takes allot of power but way better by proformance and runs way hotter but the slowest runs to coolest 'suposed to' but it slower.
  5. 480 for pure performance considerations. Not recommended due to the 7850 being close, or same in price for better performance across the board.

    560 Ti for less performance than the 480 but also cheaper, quieter, and cooler. Great in the $185-$200 price range

    6870 for solid gameplay at the lowest price. Best bang for buck of the cards listed. Great in the $150-$175 price range.

    No reason to buy a 560 at its current price when compared to the 6870.
  6. I agree with fiduke. I do not think dismissing power and heat concerns for pure performance is a good idea.

    There are rumors of some gold-plated GTX480s that may have been forged by Hephaestus, but I think you'd be better served by either a HD7850, or if that is too expensive, a GTX560Ti.

    Edit: Assuming your budget allows, I would choose HD7850 > GTX560Ti > HD6870. I like XFX or HIS for AMD cards, and MSI or EVGA for nVidia. Asus makes great mobos, but I've had trouble with probably half the Asus GPUs I've bought.
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