Ivy now or wait for Haswell ?


I've for sometime now, wanted to upgrade the cpu in my 5 year or so old Dell Studio XPS. I resently upgraded the graffic, hdd, psu and case, and want to follow up with cpu and mobo, since i think it could be a bottleneck - a 1gen i7 and an dell custon mobo...

But, should i go for an Ivy i5 now, or wait for a Haswall ?

any thoughts/comment ?

Thx in advance
- Morten, denmark
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  1. Wait - you replace everything but the stock board & processor? You crazy o.o
    Um, Haswell really will offer big graphics improvements over CPU - like decoding video with little CPU power. Really, the performance difference between the CPU component of the Ivy Bridge & Haswell will be very minimal - if you can wait, wait, if you need something now, get it now.
  2. If you NEED somthing now get it. if you can wait, wait. thats how i roll
  3. If you can wait, then wait. If not, then buy now.

    Haswell will likely offer less than 10% performance increase over Ivy Bridge assuming the same clock speed. Intel is focusing more on lowering power consumption, than they are on increasing performance. That is just my opinion though. So far there is no solid data regarding performance.

    I think Broadwell will offer a larger increase in performance. It will use the 14nm die process instead of 22nm which allows everything inside the CPU to be made smaller, thus consuming less power. At that point Intel can turn up the performance while still consuming the same amount of power as Haswell CPUs, or less.
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