Best Keyboard & Mouse Combo for <$30

As the title suggests, I'm looking for a good keyboard and mouse combo for less than 30 bucks. I know it sounds cheap and many people will say to spend some more money on a Razer or something, but anything will be a step up from the 10 year old ones I have. So... any suggestions?
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  1. I would look at what Logitech and MS have. Sometimes store brands sell cheap sets as well. If you are not picky(gaming too much or trying to make very fast mouse movements), a cheap keyboard/mouse should not actually be an issue.

    I just hit up the you are in the states?) website and they have lots of sub 30$ sets.

    These catch my eye as I am not big into wireless mouse/keyboards.

    I had picked up 2 of these at staples on clearance(already had one). Great for the price. Shame they do not sell them any more.
  2. Thanks so much!
  3. Remember to check for the features you want when looking.

    For instance, I like side mouse buttons for back/forward and media keys on my keyboard(Play/Pause/Skip/Previous).

    Now I am not sure if in that price range if you will get back/forward keys on the mouse(or if you even care about those things), but that can always be replaced at a later date.

    Happy shopping.

    Depending on where you get it from it can be just under or just over $30 for the both, and they are both backlit.
    I also am assuming it would be a good idea to download all the recent drivers onto a DVD along with a security program?
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