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What are people using the latest graphics cards for?

So whats the deal with all this ridiculous graphics power? my single gtx 470 runs every game at 1920x1080 on the highest settings, for example alice madness runs at 60fps. What do people do with more power? It seems like gaming across multiple monitors would be the only reason?
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    Well, remember, graphics cards aren't only used for gaming. They are used for GPU acceleration now days. Such as helping render videos 10X faster than cpu would render them. They are also a HUGE help in the science community, because of things such as Folding@Home and BOINC.
  2. I have 2x GTX 680 4GB, that's pretty powerfull. I can run every game on maximum settings including Anti aliasing and antistrophic filtering. And for now I was just aiming for a futureproof build as I was thinking of getting triple monitor or 3d monitor.

    But yeah, i think they are still mostly bought for high-end gaming..
  3. The high end cards, tesla etc. are used for GPU computing :) not gaming.
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