Graphics: New Xps 15 VS Inspiron 15r SE VS 17r SE

Dell recently released the new XPS 15, and i am extremely interested in it. I am looking at the configuration that has 2 GB of DDR5 640m discrete graphics. Also Dell recently released the Inspiron 15r SE and 17r SE. The 15r SE has 2 GB 7730m graphics, and the 17r SE has 2GB 650m (non 3d Version).

my questions are:
1. is the 650m in the 17R SE ddr3 or ddr5, same question for the 7730m in the 15R SE.

2. What would be the best for gaming?

3. What would be the quietest and coolest as well, seeing i will also be using this laptop for class.

4. I have dell credit, so i have to stay with dell, but i need a laptop that is both good for gaming, doesn't have to play at the highest setting, but decent medium -high at 1366, 1600x900, and 1920x1080 on lower games. I also need a good mix of portability and performance.

Thank you for your feedback.
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  1. All the graphics cards are of DDR5. I recently recieved my new dell XPS 15 with the base i5. The XPS tends to run cooler than my friends' new Inspirons and is also much quieter. It certainly is better for gaming, owing to the 640m graphics card in higher end model and the Inspiron Special Editions tend to be a bit bulkier.
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