How much power is too much power?

The setup that I plan on making is going to run @ ~350 watts and i'm wondering what power PSU and i'm wondering if a 600 watt PSU would be too much. I've read that getting too much power can hurt your system so I want to avoid that. I feel it wouldn't but would like to double-check with this whom are more familiar.
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  1. You could run a 1000 watt and never have an issue. Power supplies don't draw anymore than they need. The wattage is just the total capability of said supply
    I run 900w but only use around 700w
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    Because power supply efficiency forms a kind of a curve when measured they tend to be more efficient at about 20%-80% load so it's actually recommended to have some extra power draw available, but not too much.

    I have an 250-300watts max pc running with a G-550 seasonic which runs at maybe 90% efficiency or more. Hardwaresecrets review loaded it up with 221 watts dc power with 246 watts ac power consumed. :)

    If it's going to run at 350 watts at max with synthetic benchmarks and tests or some other extremely stressful application, I would say a 450-550 watts would be more appropriate.

    If it's running at 350 watts while running a game or some other somewhat stressful application I would say about 550-700 watts would be ok.

    It's true that if your PSU is operating inefficiently because of design or operating circumstances it will actually hurt your system by producing heat and wasting electricity.

    Maybe I'm slightly wrong, but usually worrying about too much power is not an issue. Just make sure you don't buy a 900watt unit for a 300 watt pc and make sure it's a reputable power supply brand. :)
  3. hey grass, could you take a look at my thread

    or let me know how you calculate how many watts a build would use so i can work out if the psu i currently have listed would be appropriate
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