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Hello, i was planning on upgrading from my GTX 560 TI to a GTX 670. The processor that i am using is the Phenom 975BE. I currently have a slight OC on the CPU and am running it at 3.8 Ghz.

I play Battlefield 3 alot online. I play with Ultra settings and 0xAA and get an average of 45-55 FPS. I want to be capable of getting 50+ FPS with 4xAA and i was wondering if this would be possible if i were to upgrade to the GTX 670 or would my 975BE end up "bottlenecking" the GPU? I really dont want to purchase a new CPU as i plan to move over to Intel in the future when i move on to having a more steady income so i would prefer not to buy a new AMD CPU and obviously if i were to switch over to Intel now id have to get a new MOBO so thats out of the question.

Basically im not going to be changing anything but the GPU and the big question is, can i get 50+ FPS on battlefield 3 with ultra - 4xAA with the phenom 975BE (3.8Mhz) and GTX 670??

Thank you
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  1. You won't bottleneck your GPU, my brother has GTX680 4GB with a Phenom II x4 955 BE, and it works perfectly. I think you can reach 50+ FPS on max settings.. however, my GPU's always turned out worse then every benchmark tells me.. But technically it should work perfectly
  2. in some heavy fight no, yes, in normal situation. no bottleneck with single 670.
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