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HI all,

I am running a a6703w. It an HP pavillion. I want to add a high performance graphics card. On the board it says 16x PCI-E. SO obviously that is what is want. However I'm budgeted, so my question is this.

What is overall the best card for my mobo, with a brice range of 75-100$?

Thanks in advance.
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  2. I was looking at one of those. Think thats what I'll go with. Does it matter if its 2.0 2.1 3.0 etc? as long as its 16x right?
  3. Also since I need a new PSU-which I should have added into the there an alternative with slighty less performance that would keep me in price range? Also, where is the cheapest place-yet trustworthy online establishment to order from?
  4. I should also note that until I can afford a better monitor, I'm just using a standard CRT 19 inch at standard 1024x768, I don't think this monitor can handle much higher than that.
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