GTX 660 VS GTX 670

Basicallt one question ..does the 670 make a BIG diffrrence in performance or just a little? for example how would they compare running metro 2033?

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  1. everyone i've talked to says the 670 is one of the best cards available right now. The 680 is better but costs twice as much. I believe the 670 is worthy over the 660.

    My opinion!
  2. Twice as much - do some shopping 30%(if that) more is more like it. GTX660 will likely be a decent card for the money.
  3. you should get your answer when the card officially launch.

    or if you like rumor the rumor mill suggested that the card will be slightly slower to GTX570 (they say the card perform a lot like GTX560 Ti 448 but using a lot less power than GTX560 Ti 448)
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