Gtx 560ti.......everything or nothing

hii guys

i have been wondering that gtx 560ti will be able to play games like

1) GTA 5
2) black ops 2
3) crysis 2......etc
........COZ i seriously doubt this

REASON - abt 3-4 months before i have seen on this thread

THAT time popularity of gtx 560ti was 13.xx% nd now it is 6.xx%
also that time it meet 99% system requirements nd now its 96% going by the trend it will last for 1-2 yrs on max setting

so its right to buy gtx560ti or wait for kepler :pt1cable:
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  1. First of all, I am sure the GTX560Ti will be able to play new games on "enjoyable" settings for years.
    Second, your budget obviously makes a difference. I suspect that a HD7850 or HD7870 would be worth the price difference; or whatever nVidia offers (GTX660?) in that range, but if the GTX560Ti was a stretch you were trying to justify, my first point would also apply to a cheaper GTX560 or HD6870.
    Finally, make sure your PSU is sufficient for whatever you get.
  2. na i was just thinking that like once gtx460 was popular nd now it sucks
    so same would be their with gtx 560ti ?? :whistle:
  3. beastwolf said:
    so its right to buy gtx560ti or wait for kepler :pt1cable:

    kepler has been available to us for quite sometime.

    btw what is your preferred gaming resolution?
  4. The 670 isn't cheap but it's a flippin champ - with 10-15% of the performance of the 680 and it's typically $200 cheaper depending on the one you select. I am upgrading mine from a 560 to a 670 and can't wait to tear the shrink wrap and see BF3 on that Titan. My buddy went from a 570 to a 680 and it's just plain solid. BF3 is crystal clear and I don't anticipate a game that will need more than a 670/680 for max settings for the next 3-5 years.
  5. ^ 1-2 years i can agree. but 3-5 years i don't think so
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