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I recently bought a lenovo g570 laptop to replace my desktop. I Had a problem with the switchable graphics initially so decided I would try download a newer driver for the radeon 6370m card. I Installed the new driver off the lenovo site and something strange happened after a couple of blank screens and the usual
I landed back on my desktop went to device manager and noticed that the card had changed to a hd 7370m card so I Went to google typed it in and there's absolutely no information on this card it doesn't exist :o . Anyway I Thought I Would try have a quick gaming session to see if everything works so i fire up modern warefare 2 on the highest settings and worked like a charm 40fps :sol: has anyone experience this with a notebook or graphics card?..
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    Probably just someone fat fingered that part of the driver code that reports the model number.

    -Wolf sends
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