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i have just bought the Asus x501a, with a very slow CPU (b820). I know that I can upgrade to an i3 like 2370m, but I was wondering if the bios will recognize eventually also an i5. Has someone tried before? and if it will work, would be the same with an es q17n CPU?
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  1. Some information that i can add about this notebook, that perhaps could be of some help (to help me out :-) ), are that this notebook comes only with i3, no i5 or i7 version exists at all.
    So what do you think, is possible that asus has put inside bios compatibility for i5 cpu even though they don't sell it with an i5?

  2. Buy a desktop, upgrading a laptop cpu won't work because of thermal issues alone. Your laptop is likely not designed to be able to use higher TDP processors like an i5/i7
  3. Thank you for the answer but all the cpus I am talking about (from the celeron to i5) has the same TDP of 35watt as they are all sandy brige dual core cpu. The upgrade could be also helpful to reduce the idle state wattage to make the notebook more silent as at the same frequency i5 uses lower voltages. Anyway I have already bought an I3...
  4. I wonder the same thing, will check and write here soon if Core i5 2450M will work on my X501A.
  5. noobs... i put sr0ch cpu (i5 2450m) in my asus X501a. and works good.. :) now my notebook is CPU: i5 2450m (intel hd 3000 GT2+)
    Ram: 4 GB 12800 (1600Mhz x 805...)
  6. Has anyone performed this upgrade, from Celeron to i5 2450M? Did they encounter any issues? Did Windows need to be refreshed?
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