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Hi all,

If I have a HD 4250 (on-board) and a ASUS ENGTX 550 Ti TOP, I connect 1 monitor to the HD 4250 and another monitor to the GTX 550 Ti, which graphic card will my PC uses? This is such a stupid question but please answer me, I'm a computer newbie.

Edit: I know there is 3 connectors (HDMI, VGA, DVI) on the GTX 550 Ti but I just wanted to ask.

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  1. It may be possible that both will work, depending on your motherboard. More than likely, though, your motherboard's on-board GPU will be disabled when a discrete graphics card is installed.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Hi Wolf,

    If it works, then which graphic it will using because the 2 monitors is connected to different GPUs.
  3. Kelvin - If it works, it would be using both, though I do not know if one of the other would be listed as primary (has your desktop on it) or if both would.

    -Wolf sends
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