Is my rig ready for SLI?

Hey Guys,

I just successfully built my first PC ever with some tremendous assistance from this community. As it stands now the machine is humming along but i'm desperately tempted to SLI. First I figured i'd show you guys the relevant parts i currently used. then we can discuss SLI logistics.


(not overclocked, should it be for SLI? should i OC it anyway? here:s my heat sync)

cooling CPU:


current GPU (1920x1080, running 1080P through hdmi):

power supply:

so my first question is, i have a geforce 670, i can only sli with another 670 not a 690 and 670 right?

Is overclocking necessary for this process? If i do SLI the nvidia website talks about adjusting fan speeds and adjusting bios, can anybody elaborate on this?

I have 8 gigs of RAM fyi. If you could guys could help me start figuring out the right direction i'd appreciate it.
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  1. Yes you can sli with another 670 depending on your PSU?
  2. BigMack70 said:
    What resolution are you playing games at? What power supply do you have?

    i realized these were two crucial details left out.

    1080p HDMI running on 1920x1080.

    power supply:
  3. What is making you want to sli?
  4. you're good to goo.
  5. You could sli with that PSU no problem but what for at 1920x1080. ?
  6. well SWTOR looks great and hums along without issue on the maxed out settings, but i'm going to run max payne and some other games soon (shogun 2 being one) and i don't wanna skimp in the graphics department.

    for an example (full disclosure i'm VERY new and at a novice level when it comes to configuring games' graphics settings) when i ran GTA IV and attempted to max out all of the settings the game crawled and couldn't handle it. when i used the game's autoconfigure feature it dropped it down to a point where it looked almost a little worse than the console version.

    also can somebody elaborate on overclocking and how it affects graphics? lastly should i be adjusting my fan settings?
  7. BigMack70 said:
    Not a good deal from a value perspective to go SLI @ 1080p. Might help minimum framerate in some games (BF3/Crysis 2/etc) stay at 60+ or enable you to do something like enable ubersampling in Witcher 2, but that's about it.

    GTA IV is one of the worst optimized games ever. Don't make purchasing decisions based on that game.

    I figured as much about GTA. Are you saying that SLIing my 670 for a machine running 1080p is not worth it at 1920x1080?

    How does OCing play into all of this, should i make serparete post about that somewhere else in the forum?
  8. BigMack70 said:
    Well, if you're going to SLI at 1080p, you should probably have your CPU running around 4-4.4 GHz. I wouldn't increase voltages on it, though, as that's just a midrange mobo.

    I'm saying that there are a few cases where you can see some tangible benefit from having SLI 670s, but it's not really a good value proposition because that benefit is merely that in a few games you will see your minimum framerate increase and/or you will be able to enable SSAA if it's available.

    As long as you know that you're not going to get a ton of benefit, go for it. As long as you don't expect it to make a huge difference in your gaming experience, you're fine.

    ^best answer

    I'll make a separate post about OCing and my questions. If i'm going to spend $400 on a second card and not see $400 of improvement I won't bother.

    Thanks as always guys for your input and honesty.
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  10. Overclocking and SLI does not come necessarily together, in fact, at that point, you wouldn't even notice the difference. Not in those games you play. I personally wouldn't recommend SLI/CF if you do not plan to do any Crysis games with Hardcore graphics modifications on them, or Metro 2033 / GTA IV with IceHancer and such.

    That processor already gives you a very nice background fps support. However if you really want to go SLI anyway, those are really nice tools for it, the only thing you're gonna have to do is pick up the new card and install it. :)
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