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Best fan speed controller

I've been looking at various fan speed controllers and was wondering if anyone could recommend one? Also any other suggestions to fill my drive bays? Thanks
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    i use this one

    can change the leds to different colours to suit the case

    50w a channel so capable of daisy chaining a huge amount of fans if needed

    no rpm or temperature display
  2. That one looks good, can it change the colour of any led fan? I've also seen the NZXT sentry 2 which gives temps and its touch screen.
  3. it doesnt change the colour of the fan led--the fan would need colour changing leds to do that

    the colour of the numbers 1 to 6 on the fan controller change

    its got a rubberised front so goes great with my storm trooper case

    heres a link to a review
  4. Oh okay. Thanks for the reply
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