Buying new Vs Buying used

Is purchasing a used GPU from The Egg, or any of it's competitors worth the money saved? I'm talking Out Of Box, Refurb, or any other form of discount where you know you are getting a previously handled item.
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  1. If you only get a 90 day warranty then that is a deal breaker for me. If it breaks after only six months, I can't afford to buy another, but I live on a budget, so your situation may be different.
  2. IMO I don't think the discount prices are good enough to bother. They knock off $20 or $30 from a $200 item. Not good enough if you need to send it back due to issues. I have very little faith the check anything over short of stuffing it back in the box to send to someone else. Read the reveiws that tend to back this up.
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