Advice on Budget Graphics Rig - Build, Buy or SOL?

Hello all. I'm planning to upgrade from an old, tired computer soon, and looking for some advice on components.

My PC gets used for freelance graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign mainly), basic office/browsing tasks and occasionally for streaming video or DVDs.

I'm trying to keep the cost under $1000, the closer to $500 the better.

So, here goes:

Approx. Purchase Date - Around year end
Budget Range - As close to $500 as possible, max $1,000.
Usage: Graphic design, office programs, web browsing, streaming video/DVDs. Occasional (Rare) gaming.
Buying a monitor: Would like to upgrade, but can use the one I have.
OS: Win 7 home or pro.
Preferred sites: Newegg, open to others.

Preferred specs: Intel processor, preferably an i3 or 5. (I'd love an i7 but know that will not be in my price range at all). Discreet graphics with at least 1GB and dual-monitor capable (for future monitor upgrades), min. 4-6 GB RAM, 7200 RPM HDD (size not all that important, can always add-on - say at least 500GB). SSD would be nice but again probably too expensive.

So, my knowledgable friends: am I dreaming? Am I better off looking for refurbs and sales? I keep seeing things like this, but the AMD processor and refurb status make me a little leery. At the same time, I'm not sure I can get what I want new (either bought or built) without breaking my budget. I've tried running various builds through pcpartpicker, and get into the $700-1000 range before I'm even close to done. Any ideas?

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