Am having problems choosing my processor. I have the choice between the i7 3770, i7 3820 or the E5-4610. Price doesnt matter as am having a good price for the E5. As long as it is bellow ($340)

My rig will be used mainly for 3d rendering where the number of cores and durability of the processor is primordial. My question would be which one to choose that will get the job done. And would the E5 work with any LGA2011, I have a preference for the Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3.
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  1. Yes saw that too,but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work.They haven't tested the 4610,I know it works on the P9x79 WS though it's quite expensive.
  2. Last update on that list is 7 Dec 2012.
  3. Yes saw that just now.Do you know where I should look to find a single socket that support the E5-4610?
  4. Not a clue only find server multi CPU boards.
  5. Thanks for the help.

    Greetings from Mauritius.
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