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I would like to build a new system, intel based chipset. I want to run Photoshop CS5 on it as well as process videos. I browse the web alot and play games online. I want to get tek that will last like 5 years or so and still be performing nicely. I use my computer to watch TV on my TV so need a video card that will output to TV. I don't play alot of intensive games (but think the video and photo processing makes up for that). Already have an ATX case and a 750 w power supply. Wanted to see recommendations on the guts. Trying to keep it around $750 total for the guts. All the Sandy/Ivy bridge and other numbers I am not understanding totally. Thanks!
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  1. if you have a local micro center i pick up a 3450 ib cpu and msi g45 mini atx mb. the cpu will be around 150.00 the motherboard around 104.00 after 10.00 mail in rebate. they have a cheap 20.00 case by dabloe in black with no power supply. toss in a 500w cosair power supply and 8g of 1600 ram and a 500g sata hard drive. video cards min 7750/560ti or the 650 when it comes out.
    pick up a tv tunner card or device to decode cable so you can watch it on your pc. you also need a wifi card or stick if the cable modem not near the pc. extra would be a blue ray player and or a ssd.
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