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is it worth buying the Intel i7 3770k and the gigabyte z77x up5 th(thunderbolt) for £470? or what do you recommend.
Thanks, ill use the pc for video editing sand streaming loads of high definition videos and also editing pictures.
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  1. If you're editing everyday? Yes.,3370-13.html
    ^ refer to the second chart regarding video encode.
  2. Yep for your use.
  3. I'll also game a bit ? Is that ok ?
  4. Yes fine for gaming with a good GPU. If it would have been for gaming mostly then I5 would have done the trick but your uses justify the I7.
  5. But I know all i7 is better than i5... So why not just buy the 3770k why do people go and buy the 3570k...annoys me
  6. Because saving $100 get 99%+ of the gaming performance instead of having 8 thread capable CPU that you never take past 4.
  7. The Core i7 isn't better than the i5 it just offers more threads than the i5, which is really useless for modern gaming.
  8. Huh so wtf ?... Why is it called the i7 then lol ? I'm confused ..?
  9. lionelmessi said:
    Huh so wtf ?... Why is it called the i7 then lol ? I'm confused ..?

    Because of hyper threading it can do 8 threads versus 4 on I5 although both are quad core!
  10. And everything else is the same ?
  11. 3770 vs 3570 is 0.1 GHz difference as well in core speed.
  12. oh ok, i understand, the threads i normally uses 4 and wont use the other 4 anyway. And If i save that much i can send else where. Also 0.1 GHz difference , and everything else is obviously similar
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