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Hey guys. I have run into a great deal on some video cards that are $60-$150 cheaper for open box items.

Now I would never buy a Used or Refurbished Video card, but open box normally just means the seal was broken and cannot be sold as new, what do you guys think, would I be smart to buy an open box item?
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  1. Open box can be manufacturer Refurbish and or Customer return. to buy one? well i guess for me it would depend on the brand and site that is selling it and how much of a deal are you getting etc.

    so it might be worth it
  2. Hmmm well its a 6850 for $85.... or a GTX 560 for $100
  3. I would for sure get the gtx 560 over the 6850 i have a 560 myself and i love it
  4. Benchmark wise the 6850 is higher, im not to sure, is it worth taking the risk? Its under warranty so I guess worst case scenario I send it back.
  5. What brand is the 560?

    I have read that the 560 is better and then i have read the 6850 is better. i never had a 6850 so i can only say that i have had no probs at all with the 560 and it plays my games fantastic that and for me it seems to stay at a nice cool temp when playing any of my games which is nice
  6. Open box is usually fine, plus you get a warranty. You will usually know when something is bad within a few days.

    I got a socket 1366 ASUS board for $80 shipped open box and it works great.
  7. They tell you not to epect everything that normally comes with the product. Mine came like new. I ws so sweet. I'm looking for open box items from now on.
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