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Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this. I need help. I got a gaming rig for christmas. Built it myself.
The parts I chose were great I thought I watched game play footage, benchmarks, the lot! But when I play alot of games they all suffer from this problem. The game runs fine at high settings 720p. At around 40 fps. Then after about a minute of playing it drops all the way to 10 or 15 fps. It plays at this for about 20 seconds then goes back up to 40. I have tried editing the settings, updating drivers ect it still has the same problem. It still drops to low fps when I am doing nothing on the game. This is the list of games it does this on that I have tried so far:

Chivalry medieval combat
Far cry 3
Sleeping dogs
assassins creed 3

Lots of other games play fine; skyrim, Dota 2, Portal 2 on highest settings 1080p. What I don't understand is why the games play fine, then drop to a ridiculous level. It is very puzzling and annoying as I know it is an alright rig and the games were expensive and I can't play them enjoyably. Here are my specs:

AMD FX bulldozer 8 core 8150 Stock cooler
MSI HD Radeon 7770 GHz edition
500GB Hard drive
550w PSU bronze 80 plus
xigmatek case with 2 fans installed

I have been told that some of these games are badly optimized. This may be the case but both far cry 3 and sleeping dogs are partnered with AMD so that the games are well optimized. I hope it is not a problem with my CPU as it was £137. If you have any idea please leave a reply.

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  1. Again since this thread seemed to have been reposted, are you checking your CPU and GPU temps?
  2. try checking temps and also update the drivers including cc app profiles...see if that works
  3. the temps stay around 50 when playing. Is this normal
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