Low voltages - Computer shutting down while gaming

My computer randomly started shutting down when gaming. Then I noticed 3.3v voltage in bios was red and low then cpuid all the voltages are very low.

Anyone else had this happen and is there anything to try before replacing the PSU?

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  1. The only solution I'd think of is replacing your PSU.
  2. This is certainly a problem with your power supply. I recommend getting a new, and at least 80 Plus certified power supply.
  3. Agreed. Something modular or semi modular would also install in a snap. I'm quite taken to the ocz modXstream pro series - they're damn inexpensive which is also a bonus.
  4. Hey I fixed the problem, I unplugged and replugged the PSU cables going into my mobo and graphics card.One of them must of been loose resulting in low voltage =D no need to blow money on a PSU for my spare pc ^_^
  5. Perfect! I will remember this next time it comes up! Can't believe nobody thought of this.

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