Is it worth buying Sapphire's OC'ed 7770 over the stock one?

With the 6850 costing just as much as the 7770 in the Netherlands (120 euros), I have decided that the 7770 is the best choice for my gaming needs. After a lot of comparing the different brands, I decided that the Saphire 7770 is hte best choice.
However, Saphire has two versions of this card: the €120 Saphire HD 7770, or the €130 Saphire HD 7770 OC edition. (There's also the Hyper X version, but it is a bit too expensive for me).

The thing is, that there does not appear to be any difference between the two cards, except that the OC'ed edition runs at higher clocks by default. Something which the default version can also achieve by using standard overclocking programs (AFAIK). Is there something obvious I am missing here?
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  1. i purchased a 6950 and turned the clocks up... i dont see why you cannot turn up the clocks using CCC (AMD's program).
  2. on sapphires side, its better to buy the normal one instead of the GHZ models. those ones are usually just slightly overclocked, and you can basically do it yourself to save you 10 euros. The only time where it would be a question on sapphires behalf if its a special model, like the Toxic/Vapor-X/Ultimate models because these models are different than the normal ones.
  3. The only way its worth it is if it has a better cooler

  4. An overclock is nice only if it has a good cooling option. So look at the cooling option both cards have. Then make your decision if you are going to overclock or not.
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