How far do you think i can overclock?

Now, i just built my computer. And it works like a charm, altough i would like to overclock the CPU for a bit because i do some video encoding now and then. But i am a bit new to overclocking, i know how to do it but im unsure how far i can push my CPU. What clock rate do you recommend?

MOBO- asus p8 z77-v le plus
CPU-Intel core i5 3570k 3.4GHZ 6mb S-1155 Ivy
CPU fan-Coolermaster hyper 212 evo
RAM-Corsair XMS3 8x2
PSU-Corsair TX750 M 750w
Case-nzxt phantom 410 midi-tower
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  1. Each CPU is different. Just remember to go up in small steps, and check for stability each time.

    Remember that stable means stable. i.e. run prime 95 for two days with no failure.
  2. Two days is too long. Run prime95 blend 12+ hours. I have a Hyper 212+ and I can get 4.5GHz stable with 1.18V cpu voltage on an MSI Z77A-GD65. You could probably get somewhere similar but as ashiataka pointed out, each cpu and mobo oc differently.
  3. with that cooler somewhere in the 4.2ghz to 4.5ghz range

    depends how high the temperature gets

    and run prime95 for 48 hours?????????????

    are they trying to heat up their house?

    stable to me means your pc never crashes when you do all the things you normally do on it

    gaming,video encoding,3d rendering etc
  4. with the hyper 212 evo you can overclock to around 4.7Ghz but you might just have to push up the core voltage up a little and also disable all auto features from the bios including turbo.

    you might also try changing your ram timings.

    12hrs of prime 95 should be enough.
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