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I have a network set up of roughly 10 PC's most running Windows 7 Ultimate, and a few running XP Pro, and two network printers.

I recently added a new PC ( 7 Ultimate, lets call it "Desk-2" ) Desk-2 needs full access to Desk-1's Hard drive with out allowing any of the other computer on the network to gain access to Desk-1. ( Both are 7 Ultimate ) if some one could just point me in the right direction, I am not sure if I need to set up a group or what.

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  1. Something I forgot to mention, the network is a TCP/IP and all terminals are assigned a static IP.
  2. Setup a user account on the computer with the share. Give that account rights to the share. Then when you connect to the share on the other computer, use that user/password to connect. You will need to put in the remote PC name before the user name in the user field so it will look like "PCNAME/USERNAME". No "\\" slashes before the PCNAME, this tells windows that the account you are trying to use resides on the listed computer. You can make the share hidden from the network by placing a "$" symbol at the end of the share name. So to connect you would use \\PCNAME\SHARENAME$. With a hidden share, you need to type in the share name directly, you can't see it when browsing network neighborhood.
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