Front audio jack is not working

Today i bought, i3 3220 with Gigabyte B75 D3H motherboard,
I installed the windows 7 in it, installed the audio drivers (Realtek) from the DVD which came with motherboard.
But Front audio and Mic jack not working, rear audio is working properly.

I checked that front audio wires are connected to motherboard. can any one help me what is the issue?
is it software related issue or hardware?
what should i do?
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  1. I my self resolved this issue, just wanted to tell if some one else is also facing the same issue...

    Problem was the command message language of Realtek driver software, There is a check box with label "Disable front panel jack detection" this should be checked, by name it seems that we have to un-check the check box to enable front panel, but the reality is just opposite. we have to check the checkbox to enable front panel audio jack.

    They should have used command name "enable front panel jack detection" at place of "Disable front panel jack detection",

    so in short language is confusing. that's it.
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