Graphic card failure?

Hi people,

When I turn on the pc some pink and black stripes appears over the screen, before the OS starting, and in the BIOS. I formatted the pc and the problem just keep going on.

I'm almost sure that is a graphic card problem (Nvidia 8500 GT), and that changing it I will resolve the thing, but I don't have another computer to check, and I need to be 100% sure before buying another card...

Do you think I can buy a new graphic card without any risk?

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  1. I had the exact same problem a couple of weeks ago (9800 GT). Replaced the video card, and all worked just fine.

  2. the video card is failing, you'll have to get a new one
  3. Nothing lasts forever and it will do you some good to get something fresh in there lol.

    Stripes are usual a sign that the memory is failing.
  4. Thank you all, very fast answers.

    No worries then, solved!
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