Laptop boots then restarts loop

Randomly after booting it up it would get to the windows loading screen and then restart.
It would do this as a loop until i pulled the battery out, after putting the battery back in it decided to chkdsk and failed. after trying to do multiple things to fix it start-up repair ran for 8hrs and i managed to get it to boot without any problems
This lasted the best part of 12hrs before it did it again.
this time i let the cycle go on for an hour before it eventually got past it. In that time i tried to press f8 during startup which just gave me a load of rapid bleeping

Only concern is if i shut down now i wont be able to get it back on.
How do i go about fixing this?

Im a bit of a tech noob but I've got a good idea of how to do some things.

Help appreciated


Edit: not really sure what forum to post this in.
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  1. Your hard drive is probably bad. You might as well get a new one.

    Pretty good option if the laptop is worth saving:

    You can find videos on how to replace the hard drive:

    If your laptop has a restore disc, you can use that, otherwise you're going to have to buy a new copy of windows.

    If you post the specs of your laptop I'lll tell you whether to save it.
  2. is it a replace HDD job or will the restore disk be able to rectify it?

    All my files are backed up so not worried about wiping it
  3. Definitely worth saving the rest of the laptop. Seeing as you have already run a chkdsk and it failed, you're going to have to replace the HDD. If you laptop is less than 2 years old, I'd recommend emailing customer support for your laptop. Usually, they will send you a new HDD for free. If it's older than that, you can probably still get a new HDD from them but it will cost you money. It may be cheaper to buy your own HDD. I would definitely double check with customer support though.
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