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I replaced the screen and the video cable in my samsung RV511 after replacmen, i noticed that the screen was very dark , i can see the display but barely, also when i hit the fn and the brightness + keys it dimms, when I hit the fn and brightness - it brightens, so its basically working in reverse. howeve at its max brightness it is still very hard to see the display. ive check to make sure that i didnt install the vidio cable in reverse, and its not. it can only be pluged in one way. the computer seems to work fine i just cant seethe display. Any help wold be greatly appreaciated. thank you
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  1. Did the new screen screen include a new backlight? If not, you need to fit a new backlight.
  2. i thought the backlight was built into the new LCD screen ??? If not where is it located , i cant find anything showing one.
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